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Nowadays, nearly everyone has at least one smartphone: iPhone,Huawei,Xiaomi,HTC,ZTE,Lenovo,Galaxy,Windows phone and so on

There are so many types of Apps for playing music,audio books,stored music,internet radio stations on your smartphone

Why not play your smartphone via car stereo system?

Many aftermarket car stereos have built-in bluetooth to hook up with smartphone, but 90% of factory car stereos are without built-in bluetooth on Toyota/Volkswagen/BMW/Volvo/Opel/Honda/Mazda/Nissan/Renault/Peugeot etc

You were always not able to enjoy your favorite playlists of yo ...

From the date of 11th August 2014, We stopped accepting returned models of following:

YT-M06 without BT slot

YT-M05 without Bluetooth slot

YT-M05 with old Bluetooth slot (mini USB type)

From the date of 11th August 2014, we will have to charge repairing fee for returned models of following :

YT-M06 with old  BT slot (mini USB type)

All the above models are over one year warranty

Dear Partners and Customers

We Yatour sales depatment are going to have our long vacation during 27th.Jan -7th.Feb 2014

Our production center holidays are from 20th.Jan to 7th.Feb 2014

But we have enough Yatour brand stock for long holidays

Therefore,we are not able to offer OEM brand products during 17th.Jan-7th.Feb 2014, but we are able to accept Yatour brand products during 17th.Jan-26th.Feb 2014



1. Car Head Unit : called as Car Radio,Car Stereo,Car Audio sytem

2. Yatour CDC plug : called as main plug of Yatour,CD changer cable of Yatour,main wire harness of Yatour

3. Yatour main module:  called as Yatour Module Unit

Since packages increased quickly at end of year, the flight space in DHL/UPS/Fedex is overbooked.

DHL shipping volume surged and reached full capacity. Goods arriving at DHL warehouse are clued for unloading, and therefore the schedule for online and transfer is delayed (to change according to the actual situation).

So the delivery by DHL/UPS/Fedex takeds more days than usual

Yatour@HKTDC Fair of October 13-16, 2013

Booth No.:  3C-D42

Mr Polo will attend HK  Fair of October 2013 , to meet with old customers and new customers at Hong Kong

Come and meet us at our booth!DateEventCountry / RegionBooth No.October 13-16, 2013

Dear Yatour Dealers of Russia Market

Attention please !!

Thanks to you all and your promotion, now Yatour becomes a famous brand in car audio tuning industry of Russia market

Since more and more dealers are working with Yatour brand ,the local retail prices becomes lower an lower

A reasonable retail price level is needed for both dealers and Yatour company

Due to above case, we hereby declare to all Yatour dealers of Russia market: 

Any retail prices lower than 2000 rubs will not be allowed by Yatour's market policy

2000 rubs is our basic price ...

USB+SD+iPod+AUX+Bluetooth total solution

 combines YT-M05 and YT-M06 in one model

will be  available in August or September

Please look forward to it !!

China still  has 2 times of holidays in the rest 2013 year:Middle Autumn Day : 19th-21th of SeptemberNational Day: 1st-5th of October Public holidays of 2014 :      1.Western new year holidays: 30th.Dec.2013-1st.Jan.2014
  2.Chinese new year holidays: 30th Jan 2014-5th Feb 2014
  3.Ching Ming Festival: 5th-7th of April 2014
  4.May Day: 1st-3rd of May 2014
  5.31st May 2014-2rd June 2014
  6.Middle Autumn Day: 6th-8th September 2014
  7.National day: 1th-7th of October 2014< ...

We will not work on Saturday any more after 12th of June,2013

Our work time will be Mon-Fri GMT 1:30am-10:30am

 New BT slot occured on  YTM06-VW12 , YTM06-MAZ1,YTM06-RD4,YTM06-TOY2 produced since May of 2013 and will occur on other models of YT-M06 and YT-M05 in future

YT-BTM with new connection will be offered with a converter( converts new connection of YT-BTM to old BT slot on YT-M06 and  YT-M05)

The converter is as below:


If you already have YT-M06 or YT-M05 on hand and you want to purchase YT-BTM , Please check your BT slot carefully and notify the seller the type of BT slot you own before your purchase

< ...

car model: Rover 75

Year: 2004

Radio type: 4:3 navi (Siemens VDO)

Connection type: 17 way round pins

Display track number and folder number on 4:3 navi screen:


Installed in trunk of Rover 75:


Does Yatour(Ycarlink) have any international official store?

--No.We do not have our own retail store for international buyers because we never retail to consumers

  Please directly buy from our local dealers

Why you need Yatour? Jan 28, 2013

For many owners of cars made from 1990s to 2010s, their car head units(car stereo system) do not have USB/SD/iPod input to play digital music, they have to endure single disc player or multi cd changer or even cassette player.

If you replace the old head unit with an advanced one with USB/iPod input,it may damage your car interior and can not reverse your original steering wheel control, besides, it costs your time and money to find a new radio panel to fit your car and the new head unit

Is there any possibility that you can add MP3/iPod adapter to your original head unit instea ...

Dear Partners Happy new year!!  

Our 2013 Chinese New Year Holidays: 7th Feb.-16th Feb.

Orders over 200units should be placed before 25th.January Orders over 500units should be placed before 20th.January Our workers will stop producing during 3th Feb. 2013-16th Feb.2013

Please make good preparation of stock before our holiday begins

Shipping forwarder: CargoAsia

By railway

Shipping from:
 Heihe City (next to southeast of Russia, in Heilongjiang Province,Ch ...

As Christmas is coming soon, Yatour factory will become very busy during the following two monthes for orders from Christmas strong demand

Dealers should stock enough Yatour items as early as they can so as to avoid losing retail orders  or delay for goods preparation during Christmas season

Yatour@HKTDC Fair of October 13-16, 2012

Booth No.:  3D-D42

Mr Polo will attend HK  Fair of October 2012 , to meet with old customers and new customers at Hong Kong

Yatour Office show Jul 30, 2012

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