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Review Yatour

Below are some reviews for Yatour interfaces, if any user has happy experience with Yatour interface to share, please contact us ,we are pleased to show your review on this site so as to help new customers to understand our product quality and product functions. And other new users will be very grateful for your kind intention


Hi there,

Super product, the Yatour YT-M06 with bluetooth module. I am recommending this product to all my friends and colleagues. 

I installed it in my Citroen C5 a few weeks ago and the whole car feels a few years younger. What a difference a comfortable music system makes for those long roads.

Wish you all the best with your fine company,

Kind regards, 

Peter D.

-----------Yatour Mp3 And Aux For Head Units With 6cd Changer Plug, A sound alternative for stereo

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Recently received and installed YATOUR unit providing USB, SD card, and Aux inputs. Works well very impressed. Google YATOUR Volvo for more detail. This is not an advertisement or paid endorsement!

Yatour Review for Mazda 3:


I had been looking for some way to play mp3's in the mps and the best option seemed to be the xcarlink digital music changer but at 84 Pounds it wasn't all that cheap (approx. R1050) so i was hesitant about buying it.

Then I stumbled across some mazda forum while googling that spoke of an xcarlink clone.
After more searching I found the company (YATOUR) on the web and took a chance and asked them how much a sample would be... $40 + $30 DHL Express shipping = R570!!

And they kindly advised that I could ship 2 devices for the same shipping cost.

The device is almost identical to the xcarlink:
- USB input
- SD card input
- 3.5mm jack input
- full use of steering wheel controls
- last position memory...remembers the last track and time that was playing
- retain the use of stock cd changer
- Does NOT display track info like artist or song name

I ordered and paid via paypal late on Friday the 6th of Jan, the device was shipped from China on the Monday and was delivered to me on Thursday!! That was really super fast shipping!

So Friday I did the install, which only took around 30 minutes, and if I had to do it again now would only take 15 minutes.

Removing the head unit was much easier than I thought it would be, just a few clips, 2 screws and it was out!
Then just plugged in the device to the unused port at the back of the HU, turned on the ignition and it worked!

In order to access the device you just need to press the CD button to switch between the stock cd changer and the Yatour device.

All in all I'm very very happy with the sound quality. I would say it's cd quality but then again I'm not an audiophile.

The speed of operation is also excellent track changes are instantaneous and startup time is just 4 or 5 seconds. Change of folders is also quick - around 3 seconds.

Only thing left to do is drill into the centre storage compartment and put a usb mount and 3.5mm jack in there for that factory look

The only downside is that you can't just put mp3's on a flash drive and play it:
The device basically emulates a cd shuttle (6 cd in our case), therefore you must have 6 folders on the flash drive named CD01 to CD06 then you can put up to 99 songs into each folder.
I don't see this as a huge problem though.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cost effective way of adding mp3 playback via usb to their Mazda 3.

I think if guys contacted them with a group buy offer they would be willing to give a small discount and cheaper shipping...just a thought.

So thats my review and hope you guys find it usefull - sorry for the looooong post :razz:

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Today Yatour YT-M06 music changer built to MP3 to play on RD3 radio. 
My RD3 CD player causes problems with CD playback, it stops there often after half an hour all along and with warm weather even faster. 
Because I still like MP3's will play therefore chose the CD can not be repaired but an interface for MP3 to build. 
So today the Yatour built and can be registered at dealer (CD changer log) and according to description tried 
it on the talking. 
Unfortunately that did not at first with the 4GB USB stick I had. Tried everything to reformat to FAT and FAT32 but nothing helped. 
Eventually tried another USB stick (1GB) and it worked immediately (FAT formatted). 
Me is not yet clear whether the size of the stick is but would eventually SD card to do so only as a layout try. 
Yatour The works at least excellent. Greetings Bert

307 sw HDI 110 hp Bj. 2,002

Tips from YCARLINK:http://www.ycarlink.com/my_41/USB%20SD%20Usage.htm

------Installing an USB/SD/MP3/Aux-in adapter on the Suzuki Jimny OEM Radio

By Daniel Brooke Peig (31/3/2011)

What's inside the box: P2 cable, data cable, user manual and the interface module
Dimensions of the module and the CeNet connector
Dimensions of the module and the available ports: USB, SD e Stereo Aux.
User manual 1/3
User manual 2/3
User manual 3/3

The OEM Clarion Radio that comes with the Suzuki Jimny doesn't allow modern media inputs as most of the car radios. It comes only with a CD player and a AM/FM receiver. Replacing this unit with aconvencional 1 or 2-din stereo is not that simple since the dash has an unnusual round edges hole. Fortunately the manufacturer of the radio, Clarion, included a CD changer port called Cenet(anyone uses a CD changer nowadays?)

The Cenet port is proprietary that means it's different from any other standard and most of the companies will not supply accessories for this interface. Anyways, a Chinese company called Yatour decided to invest in the cenet protocol and developed a series of products compatible with this system. One of them will be described in this article.

If you decide to install an MP3 adaptor on the Suzuki Jimny I would also recommend to replace the standard udersized speakers. I wrote an article about this task.

The Yatour YT-M06 MP3 interface

The standard Yatour kit for Clarion radios consist of a kit with the following items:

  • Interface for SD card, USB and Aux-in audio (P2 stereo)
  • Cenet standard data cable.
  • English instruction manual.

I got my Yatour from the site AliExpress.com. It allows payment using Paypal our Credit Card. The freight took a while (about 1 month), anyways, the shop provides a usefull tracking number. The price of the adaptor in feb/2011 was USD 97.00 with air freight to Brazil.

The Yatour module can be used as a Aux-In input or as an USB/SD reader. If you use the USB or SD card, the quantity of music files is limited to 6 folders with 99 files on each. This restriction is not from the adapter itself but from the Clarion receiver that manages only 6 CDs.

Since the total amount of MP3 files supported is 594, a 4GB card is enought to fit all musics you can play (6MB per file x 594 = 3.56 GB) although the interface can read cards with much higher capacity.

What I liked on the Yatour Interface

  • Materials quality at the interface (metal) and the cables (reinforced).
  • Discrete appearence from the final assembly.
  • Instructions manual detail level.
  • Size of the interface module.
  • Input port variety.
  • Sound quality.
  • Communication with the Radio. You can choose the CD, the song and use the built in repeat and random functions from the radio console.

What could be improved on the interface

  • Imposed folder naming system: CD01, CD02, CD03 até CD06. Doesn't read sub-folder and gets confused with other names in root of the drive.
  • Although the interface box is small, the cable connector is huge requiring a 50% bigger lenght for the installation.
  • A few (very few) musics had deconding problems that lead to noises during.
  • To use the Aux-In port it's necessary to remove the USB or SD card.

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